Exit 38, LLC Services

In 1996 Exit 38 principals developed and launched the first Windows-based CCTV management system and Graphical User-Interface for large CCTV systems that was open to integration with all types of equipment from any manufacturer. While other manufacturers had used Windows for GUIs, our principals were quick to recognize the interoperability, database and networking capabilities that Windows offered, and used it for actual system control. Our rigorous testing and high standards ensured and proved that Windows was up to the task when our competitors were mired in proprietary operating systems and DOS.

With the advent of the commercial Internet, our technology was positioned to bolt seamlessly on to the Wide-Area networking it offered, allowing centralized data collection and control from any location.

In 2001, our principals developed the first low-cost hybrid CCTV controller, allowing analog and digital video sources to be seamlessly integrated in a system. As per our design philosophy, the system was designed to be agnostic with regard to the actual peripheral streaming and switching devices.

Along with the Hybrid CCTV controller, a Microsoft Excel-based configurator was developed, allowing live editing of CCTV parameters from Excel over a TCP/IP network. What made this achievement notable was the fact that the CCTV controller was not running Windows. The system also supported live firmware update of connected devices in the field, without adversely affecting the system operation.