Exit 38, LLC Services

At Exit 38 we realize that not one provider is able to fulfill all the requirements of a modern, large surveillance system, and this is why our principals have been pioneers in systems integration for the past 15 years.

Often, equipment providers either do not make provision in their devices for integration or do not disclose interface details and protocols. Exit 38’s engineers are capable of overcoming these obstacles, and in large measure have forced a more open approach by equipment suppliers.

Our view is that many diverse sensors and systems all provide discrete parts of a larger scenario and by integrating seemingly unrelated devices into a large system, additional information can be derived and greater control can be achieved.

Casino related equipment that Exit 38 has integrated

  • Vacuum and friction bill counters
  • Coin sorters and counters
  • Coin scales
  • Access control systems
  • Networked point-of-sale systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Digital video recording systems
  • Slot management systems
  • Digital video transmission systems
  • Pan/Tilt cameras
  • Keyboard controllers
  • Cash management systems
  • Video Matrix Switches
  • Text Inserters
  • VCR Controllers
  • Alarm input devices

Other surveillance equipment that Exit 38 has integrated

  • FLIR cameras
  • Fire-control systems
  • Weapon positioning systems
  • RADAR units
  • Global Positioning units
  • Solid-state compasses
  • Acoustic transducers
  • Perimeter detection units
  • Cellular telephony data communication systems
  • Satellite data communications systems
  • Fuel dispensers