Exit 38, LLC Services

Product Development

Our principals are experienced in a full range of product development, form high-cost low-volume specialized systems to high-volume low-cost consumer electronics.

Pilot Production Runs

We are able to take an idea from concept to specification, design, prototype and initial production, leveraging our international and local supplier networks.

Market Research

We provide market research consulting in the surveillance and technology fields.

System Architecture

Our experience in surveillance allows us to design the best system for a customer’s requirements, without loyalty to any one supplier.

Software House

We can offer both software design and implementation services, in Windows, Linux and a large variety of embedded platforms.

Project Management

We offer both remote and on-site project management services, from product design projects to large installations.

Commissioning Services

Our principals are highly skilled in large CCTV system commissioning, and have performed this service on many large casino and airport systems.